The contents of any Love Bubbles pack will vary depending on what we have in stock on the day. Below you'll find glimpses of the fun cards and fridge magnets created so far.

If you are creative and would like to add to our collection we would be proud to have you on the creative team. Roxanne and I would love to view your work and ensure it is well matched to our Love Bubbles direction.

​We have a lot of fun leaving them after a meal or for the housekeeping crew when we’ve stayed away from home.

Will You join us in this mission? I’ll tell you now – the joy bounces straight back to you and makes your heart feel great. Keeps you smiling. We look forward to sharing these packs with you.​

What have we done so far with this Love Bubble Magic? How can we share these packs out into the community?

Well, we have an active community already on Facebook, who find and share other creative bubbles that they have found.

Hello and welcome to the Love Bubbles Project, where we work towards turning sad faces into smiley ones.

Roxanne and I have been distributing Love Bubbles Packs since mid 2013 and we are only 2 people. We Need Your Help.

Love Bubbles packs include happy and lovable photographs by me and beautiful, inspirational and creative illustrations by Roxanne, already proven to add joy to the day.

  • You can use all of the above methods, even add you own, which we'd be delighted to hear about. Share your delightful ideas on the Facebook Page.
  • We are happy to post anonymously for you.
  • You can share these packs yourself.
  • Click this link which will take you to our contact page. From there you can send the address we need to make this all work.

What will you find in a Love Bubbles Pack?

Love Bubbles for YOU

How Can You Join this Love Bubbles Project?

We mail out to friends and friends of friends

Sometimes we just give them to people who have served us or just made our life special in some way.​